Silicone Rubber Manufacturing Capabilities

If you are looking for an experienced molded rubber parts manufacturer, please contact us.Hsen Fong Rubbercan provide you with rubber molding expertise and state-of-the-art rubber injection molding technology that ensures top quality molded rubber parts.Whether you need rubber caps, seals, gaskets, bellows, or other molded rubber parts, Hsen Fong Rubber Works can take your part from products designing to finished product.Using the latest technology Hsen Fong Rubber produces a wide range of precision molded rubber products that will meet any customer’s exacting requirements.

Compression Molding

Transfer Molding

Injection Molding

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)

Insert Molding Over Molding

Silicone Rubber Mold Making

All molds are designed in house to meet customer’s specifications. The full modification, repair and maintenance facilities are equipped at the factory to ensure the molds can be quickly machined. We are confident with the highest quality molds to guarantee the mold lifespan to our customers.

  • Compression mold
  • Transfer mold
  • Injection mold
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection mold
  • Jig and fixture design and fabrication

Silicone rubber Laser Marking

Our Laser Mark adds model numbers, date codes, bar codes, logos and more onto our customer’s products. This process does not involve a physical tool etching the surface of the part, nor does it transmit ink or any other substance onto the surface — instead, the laser light is focused onto a material, producing damage-free, easy-to-read marks.

Silicone Rubber Precision Die Cutting

We provide precision die cutting for custom molded parts to meet customers needs.

Products: foot pads, shock-proof pads, thermally conductive silicone

Silicone rubber Printing

Screen-printing adds model numbers, date codes, or logos onto our rubber products as per customer’s request.

Products: Electronic product interface buttons, automotive and motorcycle buttons, silicone rubber parts marking


The rubber products with single side adhesive with releasing paper easy to peel off can be attached to electric products for anti-skid usage and can be cut to any customized shape.

Products:Single-sided adhesive rubber feet, single-sided adhesive silicone feet. Self adhesive silicone rubber bumper, soft shock absorber feet pad.

Silicone Rubber UV Ozone Surface Treatment

This new, UV Ozone dry surface treatment technology,uses ultra violet light and ozone to both clean and modify the molecular surface of solids.The friction of silicone parts surface can be reduced by the treatment.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning has become increasingly popular.It is an environmentally friendly process capable of replacing some vapor degreasing processes.We use the process to enhance the efficiency for bonding parts and clean up the components before package.

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