Features And Applications Of Rubbers In Common Use

Category of Rubber
( ASTM  D1418 )
Butadiene Rubber
( CR )
Nitrile Butadiene
( NBR )
 Ethylene Propylene
Acrylic rubber
 Silicone Rubber
 Fluoro Silicone Rubber (FVMQ)Fluorine rubber
 (FPM / Viton) 
 Main FeaturesGood weatherability. Good resistance to aging, ozone, pharmaceutical.Good resistance to oil, abrasion and aging.Excellent resistance to heat, water and steam, alkali, mild acidic and oxygenated solvents, ozone, and sunlight.
Good resistance to brake fluid.
Excellent oil resistance against high temperature.
Excellent ozone and weathering resistance.
Excellent heat, ozone and corona resistance, very well dielectric stability, and resistance to many oils, chemicals, and solvents.Good resistance to corrosion, fuel and hydraulic oil and chemical reagents.
Drawback : Too expensive
Excellent resistance to pharmaceutical, high- and low-temperature, oil, solvent, flame, chemical and good weatherability.
Drawback : Too expensive
Property Of Natural Rubber Specific Gravity1.15~1.251.00~1.200.86~0.871.09~1.100.95~0.981.41.80~1.82
ML Viscosity 1+4 ( 100℃ )45~12030~10050~15045~60 Liquid State 65~180
Physical Properties Of  Synthetic RubberJIS Hardness Range10~9015~10030~9040~9030~9050~8050~90
Tensile Strength (Kg/cm²)50~25050~25050~20070~12040~100 70~200
    Elongation (%)1000~100800~100800~100600~100500~5050~200500~100
Abrasion Resistance○~◎╳~△ 
 Bending Crack Resistance╳~○ 
Heat resistance (Maximum
Operating Temperature ℃)
 Cold Resistance
(Embrittlement Temperature ℃)
-40 ~ -35-20 ~ -10-60 ~ -40-30 ~ 0-70 ~ -50-70 ~ -40-26
 Aging Resistance╳~△
 Light Resistance
 Ozone Resistance
 Flame Resistance~△╳~△╳~○
Electrical Insulating Resistance (Ωcm)
(Volume Resistivity)
10 10~10 1210 2~10 1010 12~10 1510 8~10 1010 11~10 15 10 15~10 18
   Gas Permeability Resistance 
  Radiation Resistance△~○△~○╳~○△~◎ △~○
Oil And Solvent Resistance Of Synthetic RubberGasoline/Naphtha╳~△
 Benzene / Toluene╳-○╳~△
Liquid Aliphatic╳~○ 
Ether╳~△╳~△╳~△ ╳~△
Ketone (M E K)△~○ 
Acetic Acid/Ethyl Ester╳~△ 
Acid And Alkali
Synthetic Rubber
Organic Acid╳~△╳~△ 
High Concentration of  Inorganic Acids  
Low Concentration of Inorganic Acids  
 High Concentration of Alkali 
Low Concentration of Alkali 
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